2020 Paint Colors

Major paint manufacturers have announced their picks for the 2020 color of the year. These trending interior paint colors range from bold to neutral; however, they all carry with them the theme of a fresh, new start not only to a new year but also to a new decade.

Let these colors inspire your home renovation projects.

Trending Paint Colors

Photo courtesy of Behr, featuring the 2020 color of the year Back to Nature.

Sherwin Williams: Naval SW 6244 – A bold navy meant to push you out of your comfort zone and set the tone for this new decade.

Check out the dining room in one of the homes in the Pendennis Glen community that embraces the bold blue.

Benjamin Moore: First Light 2102-70 – A rosy neutral designed to give you a fresh and bright start to the new year.

Behr: Back to Nature S340-4 – A vibrant green intended to help bring a sense of the outdoors inside your home.

Using trending paint colors is an easy way to keep your home up to date. When your taste or trends change you can quickly and easily repaint using the newest paint colors – preventing your home from looking dated.


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